Toshiba and UPS make a great Team

The story of Toshiba, UPS, and a 200g stylus I ordered a replacement pen for my tablet PC last week. I get the dreaded UPS infonotice which apparently they've copyrighted. Goodness knows why. I live behind a big gate with a package opening. They won't leave it. One tiny tiny little toss is all I want. I can't sign for it. I ring them up, I can't even ask them to hold it. They blame toshiba. I ring toshiba. They ask for my serial #. I don't have one. They make me write down the number for the part of the organization that can help me without a serial number. They can't help me. UPS makes them do it. One bloody tablet PC pen. I try to write them on their feedback page. They demand at least 25 characters of feedback. I write a short essay. They can't count :) . Don't buy toshiba direct and note to UPS: "Put the package through the slot, put the package through the slot"

Dear San Francisco Chronicle,

I'm a frequent and unwilling recipient of your junk mail, paper advertising.  I
have complained to your customer this time, because you've ignored my repeated r
equests to stop mailing me.  Your recent junk mail of 07-03-05  1-1 #24 93986245
   112******ECRWSS**C032  RESIDENT 303 SCOTT ST SAN FRANCISCO CA 94117 4390 .. f
inally pushed me over the edge.  I'll continue to let your customers know what a
 good job you're doing until you stop mailing me,

Happy 4th of July,


Letter sent to their advertiser: I'm a frequent recipient of junkmail from the San Francisco Chronicle. Depsite repeated requests to be removed from their mailing lists, they still send me paper advertising every few days. I want you to know that by using their advertising services, you're lowering my opinion of your product and I will actively avoid patronizing your stores if I see advertising with the Chronicle. Since you are a customer of theirs, it might be worth your while asking them to stop sending me advertising. I'm referring specifically to the 07-03-05 mail out labelled 1-1 #24 93986245 for "303 scott st" - Ironically I'm at 308 scott st, but they have asked USPS to route it to me anyway. They're incompetent and they are hurting your business and you deserve a better advertiser, Darren

Dear 24-hour fitness,

after two years and $10,000 worth of reasonably good service from an
average organization but an excellent gym trainer I received a text
message while on vacation from my trainer notifying me that she was not
allowed to train me any more and that she couldn't disclose the reason.
Coincidentally you had just been pressuring her to settle a well justified
sexual harassment suit, so I'm going to speculate here a little but I'm
assuming you forced her out.  No problem, I'm happy to train with her
elsewhere, but there is the slight issue of the over $500 of training I'd
just purchased not knowing you were (speculating here) Going to Force Her
Out Of the Organisation Suddenly for Complaining about Sexual Harassment.
A refund would have been polite, but no $500 was worth more to your
greedy little organisation than your reputation.  You kept my $500, but
I get to