Great moments from the Human Genome Project

To: hinx
Subject: radioisotope disposal key

Would whoever has the key to the radioactive disposal room please return it 
to stores as soon as possible, as we are waiting to empty our radioactive waste.
Thanks, Jennifer

Subject: FREE!!!!
Status: RO

 Due to the strangeness of christmas, we have some free radioactivity here
in stores. It is 250uCi of Alpha 32P dCTP, and will go to the fist person
who wants it...

 If you are tempted by this amazing, once in a lifetime offer then either
come down to stores, or e-mail me, or ring me on 4743 to reserve it..

Kris - Stores

Remember, this is a one time offer only, so don't delay...

Status: RO

  Someone has (unwittingly?) been printing out the results
of a homology search on printer G303bw for three days now.
As well as creating a mountain of paper the remaining toner
has been exhausted - if you need the results then please
pick them up - if not then please refrain.