as seems to be the trend, I'm writing this in a hurry waiting for a
supershuttle.  Off to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and hopefully Prague in the
next two weeks.  Check out http://www.feb17.org for itinerary and contact
details if you want to say hello - send me email here if you want to stay in
touch or would like a postcard from somewhere in particular.

It's been an amazingly hectic and sometimes awful year this year for everyone.
I'm very thankful to be healthy, still having a lot of fun at work running a
group of people doing computational biology, and kind of in love ;) (see http://www.kathyahn.com/)
San Francisco is still treating me well - I'm kind of settled in here - I get
wanderlust occasionally but I have lots of friends and things to do, and a
high speed internet connection I'm loath to mess with now.  Work is going
really well - stock is healthy enough and more importantly, we're making
steady progress towards making drugs that might actually help people (main
focus is cancer at the moment) in the future. 
I'm slowly morphing into a manager which is odd but enjoying it and still doing a lot of
programming and finding genes etc.  Much harder keeping people happy than it
is to keep software happy :)

As you could probably tell if you could see the mailling list, there are still more of you
not where I'm living than where I am - it was great to catch up with a lot of
you this year - visitors are always welcome.  I've met lots of neat people in
San Francisco and done a few wild things as well which has been a lot of fun.
You can see a few of the uncensored pictures on the web site ;)

I have to run - hopefully I'll catch up with you soon - I miss you and perhaps
we can do coffee some time!